Proven Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Options That Are Available

If you currently suffer from their condition called Morton’s neuroma, you know how uncomfortable this can be. This will occur on the ball of your foot, typically focused around the third and fourth toes. Some people initially think they have something in their shoe. It will feel as if there is a pebble that has become lodged inside. However, it is a medical issue, one that causes the tissue in this area to become very thick, and will subsequently lead to nerve loss. If you would like to find a reliable source for a Morton’s neuroma treatment, here is what you can do.

What Are The Symptoms Of This Condition?

The symptoms of this condition will go far beyond feeling as if you are standing on a small rock. You will eventually have a burning sensation, pain that will originate from the ball of your foot, and it can extend outwards from that point. Eventually, if not treated, you can lose all feeling in your toes, typically beginning with some type of a tingling sensation. If you have been to the doctor, and they have told you that you have this condition, you will need to get treated right away.

What Causes This To Occur?

There are certain types of sports that can lead to this condition. In many cases, people that do a substantial amount of running, or even jogging, can develop this condition. It can also happen if you wear high heels regularly. The reason that it develops is because you are putting constant repetitive pressure on this particular area of your foot, causing that tissue to become thicker over time. However, this can also occur due to the size and shape of your feet. If you have hammer toes, or if you are flat-footed, you have a higher propensity toward developing this condition.

How To Find A Company That Can Help You

You can find businesses that will be willing to help you very quickly. There is one by the name of The Centre For Morton’s Neuroma that you may want to set an appointment with. It is a business that has developed many different treatments for this condition. Some of them are noninvasive, whereas they do have the ability to use surgery to resolve the issue. The treatments that they offer include medical grade orthotics, physical therapy, and medication based treatments. They also use corticosteroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, and stem cell therapy to name a few. They have been very successful at treating patients for years, and they can also provide you with their expertise. You simply need to set an initial appointment so they can evaluate your situation and recommend a particular treatment.

Dealing with Morton’s neuroma can be debilitating to your job, or even doing leisurely activities. If you have this problem, you need to obtain a proven Morton’s neuroma treatment, one that will help you improve your current situation. If you are not able to resolve this soon, you could end up losing feeling in your toes, and the pain will likely become worse. Contact The Centre For Morton’s Neuroma today to learn more about the treatments that they offer.