Choosing Outdoor Wedding Venues GTA

Your wedding should be an event that is filled with happiness and great memories. One of the ways you can ensure that this happens is by choosing the best venue. You can decide to have an outdoor wedding if the wedding is during the warmer months. Here is how to ensure that you choose the best outdoor wedding venue.

Choose An Area With Less Wind

You should choose an area that will not get too windy. Too much wind will have guests feeling uncomfortable because their clothes and hats keep blowing away and they have to keep clutching onto them. This can be very uncomfortable. In addition to that, wind drowns out the sound so there is a possibility that the guests will not hear the vows or what is really going on during the ceremony. Make sure that you choose a place that will not have a strong wind at any time of the day. A small breeze is ok.


It is important that the wedding venue has adequate cover or provisions for any change in weather. In case it rains, you would not want your guests to start scrambling for cover before they get wet. This will surely ruin the whole event. Make sure you choose a place that has enough provisions should the weather take a turn. You can opt for a place that has a semi-enclosed space for the ceremony or one that has tents or marquees. Make sure that you ask the manager or owner how they deal with drastic weather changes if they happen during the wedding.

Natural Beauty And Appeal

Your outdoor wedding venue should be a place that is appealing and that will blend in with the theme of the wedding as well as the colors. You can scout the place to see what it will look like. If you are booking a wedding venue a few months before, ask for pictures of the place during the time when the wedding will be happening. This will give you a clear perspective on how to plan your colors.

Proper Lighting

You should ensure that the place has great lighting. Not too much and not too little. Ensure that the place where the newlyweds will be standing doesn’t have too much light such that it becomes blinding for the guests. If your wedding reception is likely to go up to late evening then choose a place that will provide proper lighting for you.

In addition to all that, make sure that you know if it is bug seasons. Your guests will not want to deal with critters during the ceremony or mosquitoes in the evening during the reception. Ask the venue providers how they deal with the insect issue.

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